Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Roll on the Infinite Sugar Wheel

So far I'm making good progress.  I've signed up for the Dead Runners 100 day running streak and am seeing an improvement in strength if not in pace.

Today's run was meant to be a bit longer than the usual Pennington Reservoir loop so Maggie and I continued on to the lookout point to the Duddon Sands.  The view is amazing.

I used the MapMyRun app on my phone but somehow the GPS dropped or the run was paused because my entire run wasn't recorded.  This mishap led to my exploring the MapMyRun site and I was pleased to discover the "Course Fly-By video" feature.   It provides an incredible view from above of your entire route - as if a small plane was flying overhead and following you as you run. 

This is the fly-over for my favorite route:

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm back

Hello.  It's me.  I'm back.
I think I am anyway.
It seems like my whole life has been a series of starts and stops.
And it's not just running.

Sit-ups.  You and I both know that sit-ups must be done daily or ... or you become flabtastic.

And flossing.  Yes, daily.  I know.  Why would anyone want to look inside their mouth that long?  But it must be done.  Otherwise, [insert your own dental hygienist's name here], will put that nappie around your neck, ask you to open wide, and then sigh that sigh of disappointment in you.  Just like the priest when you used to go to confession.  No sins this week?  Sigh.

It was the plantar fasciitis that kept me away.  It's a terrible thing.  I think of it as starting (or getting excruciatingly painful) last April.  April 2010.  I declared myself recovered a year later but it's taken me another six months to get kick started again.

So, I'm back.  Back to the gym.  Working on the treadmill.  Slowly increasing the speed and the time.

Let's hope I can keep this going.